From Doctor Who to American Psycho

Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith just finished filming for the Doctor Who 2013 Christmas Special this past Saturday, and he has already moved on to his next role in which he will star as psychotic Wall Street Banker Patrick Bateman in American Psycho The Musical.

Yes, I was just as surprised as you when I found out.

According to the Daily Mail, Smith is about to start rehearsals on the musical of Bret Easton Ellis’s novel American Psycho, a story that tells a tale of overwhelming yuppie refinement and taste (particularly the music of Phil CollinsHuey Lewis and the News and Whitney Houston) with gruesome murder and the true emptiness of a serial killer’s heart.

Smith will play the lead that Christian Bale portrayed in the movie adaptation back in 2000. This version will be slightly, with Smith singing a few melodies and busting a move too, which will surely be worth the price of a ticket alone.

The show’s production is projected to start on December 12 at London’s Almeida Theatre, moving over to the West End, and possibly Broadway, if the show takes off.

A source close to the shows producers has said “It’s a damn difficult role to pull off and Smith has charm and the acting chops to do it.”

For more details on American Psycho, check the Almeida Theatre’s website.


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