1st Doctor’s Companions

Susan Foreman

“Susan” is the name adobted by the Time Lady who was the original companion and granddaughter of the Doctor. She travelled with him during his first incarnation and was reunited with him during his fifth and eighth incarnations. At different times in her life she was known as”Susan Foreman”, “Susan English” or “Susan Campbell”. All of these names were aliases; her birth name was Arkytior.

Ian Chesterton

Ian Chesterton, who was knighted as Sir Ian, Knight of Jaffa, was one of the earliest companions to travel with the First Doctor. Before meeting the Doctor, he taught science at Coal Hill School in 1960s London. After he left the TARDIS, Ian traveled with the Doctor during his fifth and eleventh incarnations.

Barbara Wright

Barbara Chesterton Wright , was another early companions to travel with the Doctor. Before she met the First Doctor, Barbara taught history at Coal Hill School in 1960s London. After she left the Doctor, she traveled with his eleventh incarnation, and at the end of that adventure, married her fellow companion Ian Chesterton.

Vicki Pallister

Vicki was a young woman who met the Doctor when she was only sixteen. Soon after the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan Foreman was left behind in 22nd century Earth. Having lost both her parents in relatively quick succession, she decided to join the three time travellers on their adventures. Once the two teachers left the TARDIS, she travelled for an period with Steven Taylor, before leaving the Doctor’s side to marry Troilus and to take the name Cressida.

Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor was a spaceship pilot who became a companion of the First Doctor. Though human, he did not join the TARDIS’ crew on the planet Earth. Instead, he stowed away on their vessel at the planet Mechanus, shortly after Ian Chesterton andBarbara Wright left the Doctor’s company. He remained with the Doctor until a relatively short time before the Time Lord’s firstregeneration. He travelled with Vicki Pallister, Oliver Harper,Katarina, Sara Kingdom and Dodo Chaplet, though he also briefly met Ian and Barbara as well. He left the Doctor’s side to help govern the planet of the savages.

Taylor was notable for being the first known male companion to travel alone with the Doctor — something that would not happen again until Jamie McCrimmon had a brief solo stint with the Second Doctor. He was also the first of a rare breed of companion: one that neither joined nor departed the TARDIS at the planet on which they were born.


Katarina was a companion to the First Doctor for a very short time immediately after the departure of Vicki Pallister. She was a Trojan servant who worshiped the Doctor as the god Zeus. She sacrificed herself to save her “god’s” life. She was the first companion to be killed while travelling with the Doctor.

Dodo Chaplet

Dodo Chaplet — formally Dorothea Anne Chaplet — was a companion of the Doctor near the end of his first incarnation. He took to her within seconds of their first encounter, citing her physical similarity to his granddaughter.

Dodo had limited contact with other companions, only spending significant time with Steven Taylor. She met and hit it off with Polly Wright briefly in London on 20 July 1966, and was with her when Polly first encountered Ben Jackson. Neither Ben nor Polly had yet seen the TARDIS when Dodo chose to stop travelling with the Doctor, sending word of her decision to him via Polly.

Despite not being American, Dodo travelled widely in the United States. She visited Florida and New York City in March and April 1956 and Arizono in October 1881. However, most details of Dodo’s life – her childhood, the reasons she started and stopped travelling with the Doctor and even her possible death – were shrouded in a confusion created by several highly contradictory and speculative accounts.

Ben Jackson

Benjamin “Ben” Jackson traveled with the First and Second Doctors, along with his future wife, Polly Wright, and Jamie McCrimmon. After helping the First Doctor defeat the sentient computer WOTAN, mistaking it for an actual police box, Ben and Polly entered the TARDIS by mistake.

Ben proposed to Polly in 1966 at the top of the Post Office Tower, which was witnessed unbeknownst to them by the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler. He was taken home to meet Polly’s parents, but they were shocked by him.

Polly Wright

Polly Wright was a companion to the first and second Doctor. She travelled in the TARDIS with her future husband Ben Jackson and Jamie McCrimmon.

In Antarctica in December 1986, Polly helped fight back an invasion by Cybermen from Mondas. After these events, the exhausted Doctor collapsed and regenerated for the first time. When the TARDIS crew arrived on the Moonbase in 2070 and faced the Cybermen, she soon realised the Cybermen’s plastic parts could be attacked with a mixture of solvents. She thought of the way nail polish was dissolved by nail varnish remover and concocted a mixture including acetone, benzene, ether and epoxy propane to make a substance, called “Cocktail Polly” by Ben, which was shot at the Cybermen with adapted fire extinguishers.