2nd Doctor’s Companions

Ben Jackson

Benjamin “Ben” Jackson traveled with the First and Second Doctors, along with his future wife, Polly Wright, and Jamie McCrimmon. After helping the First Doctor defeat the sentient computer WOTAN, mistaking it for an actual police box, Ben and Polly entered the TARDIS by mistake.

Ben proposed to Polly in 1966 at the top of the Post Office Tower, which was witnessed unbeknownst to them by the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler. He was taken home to meet Polly’s parents, but they were shocked by him.

Polly Wright

Polly Wright was a companion to the first and second Doctor. She travelled in the TARDIS with her future husband Ben Jackson and Jamie McCrimmon.

In Antarctica in December 1986, Polly helped fight back an invasion by Cybermen from Mondas. After these events, the exhausted Doctor collapsed and regenerated for the first time. When the TARDIS crew arrived on the Moonbase in 2070 and faced the Cybermen, she soon realised the Cybermen’s plastic parts could be attacked with a mixture of solvents. She thought of the way nail polish was dissolved by nail varnish remover and concocted a mixture including acetone, benzene, ether and epoxy propane to make a substance, called “Cocktail Polly” by Ben, which was shot at the Cybermen with adapted fire extinguishers.

Jamie McCrimmon

James Robert “Jamie” McCrimmon was a Highland Scot from the mid-18th century who travelled with the Second and Sixth Doctor. Jamie travelled in the TARDIS for the majority of the Doctor’s second incarnation. His journeys began not long after the Doctor’s first regeneration and continued until the Time Lords sentenced the Doctor to exile. Jamie was returned to 18th century Scotland by the Time Lords, with the memory of all but his first adventure with the Doctor erased.

Whether the Time Lords’ memory removal actually held was not well understood. It was posited that he travelled alone with the Second Doctor and that he did so when he was clearly middle-aged — neither of which happened prior to his Time Lord-enforced return to Scotland. By 1788, the second mindwipe was still intact and he then chose to forget again in possibly a third mindwipe. Another account held that as an old man he had overcome the mindwipe, as the Time Lords held an imperfect understanding of the human mind. This was prior to having an adventure with the Sixth Doctor in which he gave his life saving the universe from Cybermen.

Victoria Waterfield

Victoria Maud Waterfield was the daughter of Edward Waterfield, a companion of the Doctor’s second incarnation and an acquaintance of his sixth. One of the youngest companions ever to travel with the Doctor, the 14- or 15-year-old was made an orphan by her mother’s early death and her father’s murder by the Daleks. The Doctor and Jamie, by mutual agreement, immediately chose to bring her along with them upon the death of her father. Thereafter, the duo were very protective of her, to an extent that the two did not typically exhibit towards their other female companions, Polly and Zoe. Indeed, the two acted as a substitute father and brother to her, and patiently took the time to help her get over her sense of loss over her parents, and the great fear she experienced in some of the more dangerous parts of their adventures together. Indeed, she often displayed her fear by screaming with much greater frequency than the other female companions of the Second Doctor.

Her reasons for leaving the Doctor and Jamie were unique, and a consequence of her youth. Still a minor, the orphan decided to live with the childless Frank and Maggie Harris in 1968. Though no details were known about the “formality” of this arrangement, it was apparent that Victoria stopped travelling in the TARDIS because she valued the comfort of family. While the Doctor saw the decision as very much a matter of her own choosing, Jamie was significantly distressed — much more so than he had been when Ben and Polly departed.

Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart

Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (often refered to as the Brigadier, the Brig, Lethbridge-Stewart or Stewart) was one of the founders of UNIT and commander of its UK operations. The Doctor long considered the Brigadier one of his most trusted human allies and closest friends. He met and had significant adventures with an unusually large number of the Doctor’s incarnations.

Zoe Heriot

Zoe Heriot was a young scientist from the 21st century who accompanied the Second Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon in their travels aboard the TARDIS.