4th Doctor’s Companions

Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart

Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (often refered to as the Brigadier, the Brig, Lethbridge-Stewart or Stewart) was one of the founders of UNIT and commander of its UK operations. The Doctor long considered the Brigadier one of his most trusted human allies and closest friends. He met and had significant adventures with an unusually large number of the Doctor’s incarnations.

Sarah Jane Smith

Sarah Jane Smith was an investigative journalist who travelled with the Doctor in histhird and fourth incarnations. She reunited with him in histenth incarnation and had adventures with him and hisimmediate successor. Sarah Jane met nine of the Doctor’s incarnations in total: those already mentioned and the First,Second, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh. Due to her experiences with the Doctor, she was entrusted with the task of protecting Earthfrom hostile extraterrestrials and helping peaceful aliens. She shared these adventures with her young companions/surrogate family.

After many trips with her, the Fourth Doctor received a summons to return to Gallifrey, his home world. He told her then that they had to part company because humans weren’t allowed on the planet. Their final words to each other were pleas to not forget them. Standing in the street, watching the TARDIS dematerialise, Sarah realised that, in attempting to take her home, the Doctor had not only missed landing on Hill View Road, but had not landed in South Croydon at all. She remarked to a nearby dog, “He blew it,” before walking off toward her new life. Indeed, the Doctor had mistakenly left her in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Harry Sullivan

Surgeon Lieutenant Harry Sullivan was a Royal Navy surgeon in the employ of UNIT. He was also for a time the companion of the Fourth

Doctor. He later worked for NATO and MI5. After the defeat of the robot K1, Harry found himself in the Doctor’s TARDIS. At first very much confused, he trailed the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith to Space Station Nerva, where they were pitted against the Wirrn. Then they travelled by transmat from the space station to an uninhabited far future Earth, where they faced the Sontaran Styre. The transmat next took them to Skaro at the time of the creation of the Daleks; this was for a mission from theTime Lords. Via time ring, they travelled back to Nerva, but to a much earlier year.

Immediately after his adventure with the Cybermen, Harry was ejected from the TARDIS and it stranded him in England, 1936. There Harry met the Eighth Doctor, who had no memory of Harry or any of his previous adventures. Harry helped the Eighth Doctor to stop a Dryad from turning the land of Britain on the people that lived upon it. The Fourth Doctor and Sarah picked Harry up shortly after.


Leela, who was known as Leelandredloomsagwinaechegesima while living on Gallifrey, was a warrior of the savage Sevateem, a tribe of regressed humans. She joined the Fourth Doctor on his travels and with him fought for good causes. Although quite clever, she knew little of technology, and was continually amazed by her surroundings and the tasks she faced. Leela never lost her primitive edge, and remained quick to take up arms throughout her time with the Doctor.

She left the Doctor after she chose to live on Gallifrey with Andred, a member of the Chancellery Guard with whom she had fallen in love. K9 Mark I decided to remain with her.

K9 Mark I

K9 Mark I was a portable computer originally owned byProfessor Marius, who considered the robot dog his “best friend”. Together, they conducted advanced medical research at the Bi-Al Foundation for an unknown length of time. When theFourth Doctor and Leela arrived at the Foundation, Leela quickly became enamoured of the dog. The professor eventually gave the dog to the time travellers as thanks for defeating The Swarm.

The Mark I was particularly associated with and protective ofLeela. Therefore, when she elected to remain on Gallifrey, he also chose to stay behind with her. Nevertheless, he occasionally left Leela’s side when he was sent on solo missions by the Time Lords. During these adventures he travelled in a spacecraft the Time Lords build especially for him called K-NEL.

K9 Mark II

K9 Mark II was the second K9 known to the Fourth Doctor. Based on a robot originally built by Professor Marius, he was apparently constructed by the Doctor himself. The unit was particularly associated with Romana, having served both Romana I and Romana II. Indeed, he stopped travelling with the Doctor at the same time as the second Romana, with whom he remained in E-Space in order to assist with the liberation of the Tharil species. When Romana returned into N-Space, K9 joined her on Gallifrey. Once on theTime Lords’ homeworld, he continued to serve Romana as she ascended to the post of Lady President of the High Council.

Whilst on Gallifrey, he frequently liaised with K9 Mark I, Leela’s version of the robot, whom he found to be “inferior”.

Romana I

Romanadvoratrelundar, Romana for short, was a Time Ladywho was forced to be the Fourth Doctor’s assistant in the search for the Key to Time during her first incarnation. The White Guardian assigned Romana to assist the Fourth Doctor in the quest for the Key to Time, appearing to her as the Lord President of Gallifrey. Though she was much younger than the Doctor, she considered him an academic inferior. The Doctor was initially unwilling to take Romana along and somewhat hostile to her.

They found the first segment on the planet Ribos in the form of a lump of jethrik. They had to recover it against the will of Graff Vynda-K. During this time the two bonded. Romana came to respect the Doctor for his experience despite his academic failings.

Romana II

After the Key to Time mission, Romana continued to travel with the Fourth Doctor in a new body until she decided to stay in E-Space. She later returned to the main universe and rose to the office of Lady President of the High Council of Gallifrey.

This incarnation of Romana seemed to respect the Doctor more. She also seemed to have settled into her name. She was occasionally fearful but remained quick to react. Romana was initially resentful of how Adric had forced himself upon them in joining their travels, but soon came to like him. She managed to defeat Karna all by herself when investigating a universal health spa. Like her previous incarnation, she could be stern and commanding when she needed to be and could cleverly improvise the situation, like the Doctor, to the point where she could escape.


Adric was a companion to the Fourth and Fifth Doctors. He grew up in another Universe called E-Space. He died trying to stop Captain Briggs’ space freighter from crashing into Earth. Adric was a mathematical genius. He was very proud of his Elite status. He wished to be accepted by his brother Varsh’s gang, the Outlers, and tried to steal fruit to prove himself, but failed. When his brother died, he kept his belt, a symbol of Outler membership. Otherwise, the belonging to that rebel party, as well as later attempts to provoke revolutionary riots denoted him as a young turk.

He pretended to go along with the plans of the vampires in a ploy to rescue Romana, with whom he got on well. Aukon sensed Adric had the strength of spirit to survive becoming a vampire. Adric was fiercely loyal to the Doctor and had a generally amicable relationship with the Time Lord, who acted as his mentor. His relationship with the other companions in the crowded TARDIS was often strained. Adric wanted desperately to be brave and accepted; he defied the Master and died trying to solve a math/computer problem, in order to prevent a freighter from crashing into the Earth. As he crashed to his death, unable to access the computer system to input his last mathematical calculation, he held his brother’s belt and said almost wistfully, “Now I’ll never know if I was right.”