8th Doctor’s Companions

Charlotte Pollard

Charlotte Elspeth Pollard was a companion of the Eighth and Sixth Doctor. Her existence was legally problematic for the Doctor. When she met the Doctor’s eighth incarnation, he saved her from what should have been her natural death, although it was what the Tenth Doctor would later call a “fixed point in time”. This act of compassion violated the Laws of Time and destabilised the Web of Time, forcing the Time Lords to send the Doctor into exile in the Divergent Universe.

When she accidentally met the Sixth Doctor, her very presence with him again threatened to break Time Lord law by exposing him to foreknowledge about his own future. Even as late as his tenth incarnation, the Doctor still had to explain his actions with respect to Charley in a court of law.


C’rizz was a male Eutermesan from Bortresoye. He first encountered the Eighth Doctor and Charlotte Pollard when they entered the Eutermes zone on Bortresoye. The Doctor had been exiled to the Divergent Universe by the Time Lords, and deprived him of his TARDIS. Furthermore, a sinister entity known as the Kro’ka sent the Doctor and Charlotte across the various zones that Bortresoye was divided into for reasons unknown.

C’rizz was later granted tremendous psychic powers on a planet resembling Hell, with citizens that had been turned to demons. His appearance changed into a form that Charlotte compared to Lucifer. The Doctor theorised that the Eutermesans had genetically engineered C’rizz to house their souls in some mad bid for immortality. C’rizz gave up his new form and powers by restoring the planet and its citizens to their original forms. This exhausted C’rizz. He thanked the Doctor for healing his emotional wounds and called Charlottehis sister before he died and his body turned to ashes.

Lucie Miller

At first, Lucie was an unwilling passenger in the Doctor’s TARDIS, having been placed with the Doctor as part of a “Time Lord witness protection programme.” She told the Doctor that the Time Lords placed her in his care because she had seen something important; she didn’t know what. Her initial attitude towards the Doctor was disdainful, but eventually recognised his heroic nature.

Some time after, Lucie and the Doctor helped to save the universe from an invasion of the Eight Legs in 2015. Lucie asked the Doctor to take her home to spend Christmas in Blackpool in 2009. There she found out the truth about her Auntie Pat being a Zygon. Learning that the Doctor had purposefully deceived her, made Lucie decline the Doctor’s offer to continue travelling with him.

Tamsin Drew

Tamsin came from Dulwich and was an actress. Before she met the Doctor, her career was going badly due to her age. She answered an ad under the alias of Juliet Walsh, a strong, career-driven woman, and found herself auditioning, with Theo Lawson, Asha Qureshi and Hugh Bainbridge for the role of the Doctor’s new companion. “Juliet” was the first of the possible companions to be eliminated and Tamsin went home upset.

She had taken the jacket of a scientist who controlled many robots and was attacked by one. The Doctor stepped in and saved her. Asha, Theo and Hugh were all found to have malicious reasons for wanting to join the Doctor. After they were sorted out, “Juliet” revealed herself to the Doctor as Tamsin Drew and he decided to take her with him.

Molly O’Sullivan

Molly O’Sullivan was a Voluntary Aid Detachment nursing assistant stationed in France during World War I. Molly met the Eighth Doctor in France, and began traveling with him after they were chased across No Man’s Land by the Daleks. The first place the Doctor took Molly was Dunkirk in 1941. They were not there long before the Daleks appeared once more, chasing them across the town. They were also chased to London in 1972, and the planet Halalka.

Shortly after leaving Halalka, Molly and the Doctor seemingly arrived on Skaro, were they discovered that the Daleks had become peaceful, after they caused the extinction of the Time Lords. However, it was later revealed that this was a simulation generated on their behalf. She departed the TARDIS after it materialised in France during World War I. She realised that with Kotris having been erased from history, Kitty would still be alive and that she had to continue taking care of her as she promised.