Photos of Capaldi filming Series 8

Series 8 of Doctor Who continued filming on Monday evening in Cardiff at Mount Stuart Square. Peter Capaldi was on set filming a scene on horseback though the streets of a  Victorian town. He wasn’t in his yet-to-be-revealed costume though, instead he was sporting Victorian pajamas.

Pic by Ryan Farrell

Pic by Ryan Farrell

Pic by Fangirl Quest

Pic by Fangirl Quest

Capaldi on the stunt horse:

Capaldi’s stunt double riding the horse:

More pictures can be seen HERE courtesy of Doctor Who TV

Writer Phil Ford Teases Series 8 2nd Episode

Writer Phil Ford has publicly annouced his upcoming episode for Doctor Who Series 8. Ford co-wrote David Tennant’s episode ‘The Waters of Mars’ as well as many episodes of the Doctor Who spinoff The Sarah Jane Adventures and recently announced that he is writing the script for episode two of Peter Capaldi’s debut series.

Ford was quoted saying:

“I’m over the moon in a TARDIS! And I don’t know how I’ve managed to keep quiet about it for so long! It’s a huge honour to write for Doctor Who at any time, to be writing Peter Capaldi’s second adventure is that to infinity! I can’t wait to get on to set!”

Ford only gave three words describing the episode, “Behind enemy lines.”