New Zealand Mint makes a gold Dr. Who coin.

Brent Hindman, the New Zealand Mint’s head of sales, showcasing their newest themed gold coin celebrating 50 years of the BBC’s Doctor Who.

The New Zealand Mint has produced a one-ounce gold coin to  celebrate fifty years of the longest-running sci-fi television series, Doctor Who.

The front of the coin features an engraved picture of the iconic T.A.R.D.I.S. as well as a special 50th anniversary logo. The back depicts an engraved relief of the T.A.R.D.I.S. used by the Doctor to travel throughout space and time.

The coin has a nominal value of $200. Only 250 have been made and they are expected to go for $2,500 in the US (NZ – $3000).

“We think this limited edition Doctor Who one ounce gold coin will be snapped up in record time,” Mint chief executive Simon Harding said.

The coin has been issued as legal tender under the authority of Niue Island.

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Just how many Doctors will appear in ‘Day of the Doctor’?

It seems that there is a new unwritten Doctor Who rule: Steven Moffat doesn’t always tell fans the whole truth. The Doctor Who’s showrunner and head writer admitted to the public back in the summer: ‘how do you know what is and is not in the anniversary? I’ve been lying my arse off for months — you know nothing!’ That is what fans should remember as they consider the latest murmurs and whispers going around the internet.

We Whovians work ourselves into such a frenzy of fan hysteria, not only are we extremely susceptible to winding ourselves up but we over analyze everything that comes out about  The Day of the Doctor with forensic precision.

So in comes Peter Davison, the 5th Doctor with his cricket bat and decorative vegetable, father to Georgia Moffett (The Doctor’s Daughter) and David Tennant’s father in law. Thirty years experience as the Doctor. Not only did he say he is involved in the 50th anniversary, and although not specifically saying he is in The Day of the Doctor, he admits he has his own copy of the script with his name on it and everything. He knows exactly which buttons to press to get the internet talking.

Last week, Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy were photographed (with passerby’s saying that Colin Baker and John Barrowman was there as well) outside the BBC TV Centre protesting that more old Doctors be featured in the 50th Anniversary Special. What could they possibly be planning?

These ‘classic’ Doctors might have a larger role in The Day of the Doctor than they’re letting on. Paul McGann has expressed interest in reprising his role as the Doctor since he only appearance was in the 1996 movie (although he has a large canon of audio work as the Doctor).

The video below features Doctors 6, 7 and 8, and it seems that they are bit disappointed not to be in the 50th. McCoy seems annoyed, Baker jokes that he might not pass as the sixth Doctor anymore and McGann just plays it cool.

The Doctor Who universe is cluttered with loose ends. However there are a few particular things that Whovians would love to see clarified. YouTube has become littered with fan mock-ups of the regeneration between the 8th (McGann) and 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston). It now seems that there is a transitional ‘Dark Doctor’ that John Hurt is playing but even so, many people would love to see the transition between McGann and Eccleston.

It does seem safe to assume that the 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccleston is not involved. If he was then there would be no need for the substitute John Hurt fighting in what might possibly be the Time War.

One thing is for sure, that there will be additional surprises to come in the 50th anniversary show and it will be great to see more Doctors return, even if it’s just for a few fleeting moments, to ensure that The Day of the Doctor will truly be fantastic.

Dr. Who 2013 Christmas Special Read Through

Here’s a picture of Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith taken September 4th, just after the cast read through for this year’s Christmas Special.

It was said that Matt was in brilliant form at the read through for this year’s Christmas Special, written by Steven Moffat. Seeing him back in action as the Doctor made everyone there want to jump forward in time to November to see the eagerly awaited 50th anniversary special!

As reported in previous posts, after four tremendous years at the helm of the TARDIS, the 2013 Christmas episode will be Matt’s last appearance as The Doctor. Lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat has previously commented on Matt’s departure, telling fans, ‘…great actors always know when it’s time for the curtain call, so this Christmas prepare for your hearts to break, as we say goodbye to number Eleven.’

But there is  much more to come before Matt takes his final bow…

The Doctor is back on BBC One on 23 November for the 50th anniversary special before returning for the Christmas special.

Doctor Who reveals a SECOND forgotten Doctor

John Hurt isn’t the only Doctor Who Doctor that somehow got lost in the timestream. Before Chris Eccleston helped revive the series in 2005, there was another Ninth Doctor entirely, one that disappeared… until this week’s DVD and Blu-ray releases.

• Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors

Did you like last season’s episode “Cold War”? Then you may have positive feelings about “The Ice Warriors,” when the Second Doctor first encountered the titular aliens. Note: Two episodes of the serial were lost, but have been reconstructed for this release.

• Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka

This modern animated Who — previously released as a web series — gets collected for DVD. Released in 2003, it was supposed to be part of official Who continuity, but the TV show revival effectively wiped it out, along with the original ninth Doctor, who was voiced by eventual Whovillain Richard E. Grant.

Want to see every single episode of Doctor Who in an hour?

If you are going to be in Sydney, Australia, and want to catch up on Doctor Who , there is a tremendous opportunity coming up for you. Comedian Patrick “Doublethreat” Magee has created a show called “Every Episode of Doctor Who Ever Live on Stage,” which is exactly what it sounds like.

Needless to say, covering the whole series of Doctor Who in just an hour is a very ambitious task — people have done similar performances for Star Wars, Harry Potter and Shakespeare, but this is the Doctor we’re talking about here. Writes Magee:

I’m doing this show with the help of three other performers – my brother Ciaran, a young man called Nicholas Pond and a young lady called Rubee Sookee, who has never seen an episode of Doctor Who and has a distressing habit of calling the Ninth Doctor “Roy Eccleston”. Rehearsals are fun, they’re always marvellous fun; we don’t have to think about normal things, we’re saving the universe.

But oh lordy, despite my love of all things Who, writing this show has been like birthing a fully-grown Judoon. How do you condense fifty years and seven hundred and ninety eight episodes into an hour? By my calculations, that works out to four and a half seconds per episode – will the audience accept a four-and-a-half second snatch of Episode Five of The Sensorites if it means they have to miss out on the whole of the Pandorica speech?

So we’ve had to be clever. Very clever. Almost indescribably clever. For example, we’re doing the Pertwee era as the Brigadier trying to justify his increasingly ridiculous expenses to the MoD. Our Sixth Doctor is an excessively violent football player with a tendency to push opposing team-members into conveniently placed acid baths. Tom Baker is… well. You’ll have to come and see the show, won’t you?

The show opens this Wednesday. Buy tickets here.

‘Doctor Who’: 6 hints from the 50th Anniversary Special poster

The BBC has released the first official promotional poster for the upcoming Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, featuring Matt Smith, David Tennant, Jenna Coleman, Billie Piper and John Hurt.

Here are 6 things we can learn from the poster…

1. It will be titled, “Day of the Doctor’. The episdoe will have a 75 minute runtime and will air on November 23rd in both 2D and 3D formats. The special will also be shown concurrently in 3D at cinemas across the United Kingdom.

2. The Bad Wolf is back once again.

3. The poster depicts a broken TARDIS door. Does this imply someone is trying to destroy the TARDIS again?

4. A Gallifreyan symbol could suggests a visit to Gallifrey once again during the special. Also, could that be an exploding Daleks from the Time War?

5. David Tennant’s hair is still phenomenal.

6. The Doctor played by John hurt wears giant boots. Giants boots are cool.

Dr. Who 2013 Christmas Special begins filming this weekend!

Matt Smith’s time as the beloved eleventh Doctor is almost here and he recently revealed that his final episode, the 2013 christmas special, began filming today Sunday, September 8th.

Smith attended the GQ awards in London on Tuesday with a unually close shave. He told the press that he “did it for a film” and as a result will have to wear a wig during the filming of the Christmas Special. Although he said the wig ‘is a nightmare’ he added that he was extremely excited to shoot his final episode as the time traveling Doctor.

Smith’s buzz cut is due to him being cast in the Gosling-directed movie How To Catch A Monster, in which Smith will make his American movie debut as “a real lunatic” named Bones.

The haircut caused a bit of tension in the Who camp back in July. While at a film conference, Dr. Who writer and executive producer Steven Moffat saw Smith’s hair and said “Damn you and Ryan Gosling and your shaved head!”. Smith joked that he was applying fertilizer to his head to have his hair grown back by September. Smith explained, “I need a quiff!”

Smith will be succeeded by Glaswegian actor Peter Capaldi as the Twelth Doctor in the new year after Smith’s Doctor regenerates. Back in August, show writer and producer Steven Moffat revealed that the new Doctor will keep his Scottish accent and will be an “older, trickier and fiercer Doctor”.