Alex Kingston Hints At River Song Potentially Returning to Doctor Who

Alex Kingston appears to have teased fans once more about an appearance from River Song.

Speaking in a video with BBC America, she said: “I look forward to sharing more of [River] with you in the future, but… spoilers!”

Rumours have circulated that River will appear once more in Matt Smith’s final episode during the Christmas special, although there is the possibility that her character also carry over to Peter Capaldi’s series? With Moffat still in charge it most certainly is not out of the question.

Hand made River Song Journal

Posted from, medusaschild posted this series of photos that their dad made for them. Each entry is hand written, and in River’s timeline order.


The Doctor and River Song are on the verge of being sacrificed to the Gods of rain in this Neil Gaiman-scripted Doctor Who mini episode. Naturally the Doctor devises an escape plan—though it’s not necessarily an elegant one.

Over on Gaiman’s Tumblr, he explains that this minisode started as a deleted scene from the episode “The Doctor’s Wife,” and was then drawn by Mark Buckingham as a three-page comic. Gaiman decided to rewrite the scene as a minisode, titled “Rain Gods,” featuring River and the Doctor for the Series 7 box set.

Some people have pointed that the credits say: “by Steven Moffat.” On Tumblr, Gaiman says that credit is erroneous.