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Eighth Doctor by LicieOIC

Doctor Who as NES games by Silverhammer

The Day of the Doctor Poster by Matthew Potter

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Tribute Teaser

The count down continues to the November 23 premiere of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor.” The BBC has released a special tribute to celebrate the series’ half-century milestone.

Former Doctor, Paul McGann Stirs Up More 50th Anniversary Rumors

It must be getting old really quick for Paul McGann to have to deny rumors about making an apperance in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, but it doesn’t help that the majority of these rumors come directly from his personal Twitter feed.

Last night, Whovian excitement was stirred up with a tweet from the McGann himself saying: “Spent forty minutes this pm having to imitate Matt Smith’s dramatic delivery in VO. You have been warned….”

However, he quickly followed up the tweet with an explanation: “I should explain. It was by way of an aural experiment to find out how similar we might sound. We didn’t. And he’s better looking too.”

McGann already denied involvement when asked directly: “No, I’m not in the 50th, though plenty of beautiful and talented people are.”

Guess we’ll have to wait 50 days until we know for sure…